How to flash using SEDBX

Tutorial flashing menggunakan SEDBX


the setup for other models is the same:-

MCU 1 = Main Flash File (large MCU file)
MCU 2 = File System (smaller MCU file)
MCU 3 or 4 = Update Agent (smallest MCU file - FOTA/EROM/CERT)
CUST = BIB or BIC file (This is needed or phone will be in config error - This option is AKA Complete Phone)

All that needs to be done now is click “Flash” button.

(MCU files can be in any order, but I would suggest to use like the above image, since this is the correct flash order, Update Agent is not a required image, you do not have to update this)


1. Connect Phone without battery to cable, click “Boot”, insert battery.
2. No need to select model, the software will select the model via the phones TAC, if the phones TAC does not exist in the TAC database, please select the phone manually from the list. (also post your TAC and model in the discussion thread)
3. GDFS Info on Boot - This option will display useful information such as CXC and CDA version, note this option does not work for all phones, W200 is an example of this.

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